schöönn! Die Clownphilosophie – Book

The bestseller „erfolgreich scheitern, leichter leben“ already in its second edition.

DIE CLOWNPHILOSOPHIE as a literary remedy for heart and soul. A treasure chest full of gems in form of humorous stories. Broadens your horizon and opens up your mind in a refreshing way. Guaranteed: no lecturing counselor’s tone.

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Book review


Let me begin with a tip for you: when you read this book, put a book of tissues at your side. No matter if you cry tears because you are upset or touched or because you are laughing hard – this book will take you on a journey! On a journey to other people, to things lived, botched and well done, to unique encounters and personal developments …This book will open your heart, show up new ways of thinking and seeing, it gives you room to resonate and empathize, to marvel and recognize yourself anew. In words resounding with poetry, Michael Trybek tells us stories that are philosophically profound, and he dips into early childhood memories, talks tongue-in-cheek about the effects of modern methods of education, takes us into the world of Greek mythology and also into the everyday working life of a professional clown … who, with his red nose and four anti-stress hands walks the land with his humor leaving a comforting trail of laughter and love of life.

The book is a magnificently colorful mixture of anecdotes & wisdom, experiences & insights, quotes, lyrics and poems, sprinkled with wonderful pictures and sayings – easy to read in one go. Runs like honey.

I can recommend it wholeheartedly!

Dr. Karin Klug

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