release 2015 froh! & stark!

Two recent releases by Edition Trybek

froh! - Lebensqualität HUMOR by Michael Trybek

stark! - Gesundheitsfaktor RESILIENZ by Elisabeth Trybek

Humor is a survival elixir.

Humor and laugther strenghten our physical health as well as our spirit and soul.

Michael Trybek examines humor as a competence and resource in our professional and personal everyday life – and he provides impulses for a buoyant way of life.

Available only in german.

What strengthens us?
What’s protecting us?
What keeps us fit and healthy?

Elisabeth Trybek examines the essential basics on the wide topic of RESILIENCE in a clear and comprehensible style.

Her experience as an educator, trainer and coach are valuable resources to her expertise.

Available only in german.

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